For those of you who don’t know us, let me introduce ourselves.  I’m Brigitte and my husband goes by Tat.  We live in New Brunswick, Canada.  This year in May I turned 50.  Shortly after my birthday I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Tat is 59 and has progressive glaucoma.

Mid June of this year 2015 Tat was set on fire with an idea…buy a teardrop trailer (basically a bed on wheels with a rear galley kitchen) and go on an adventure through the coast of the USA and back through Canada.  Approximately a 9 month trip.

Follow our blog to find out more.

To follow our blog, just click on “The Adventures of Bridge and Tat”.

14 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Very happy about your upcoming adventure.. I wish Chris and I could fly like a bird but unfortunately the nest needs tending. God will be following your adventure to keep you safe and healthy. In fact I’m sure He is the one who has has led you down this path and mission of faith. Try and drop by on your voyage. Our door is always open.. Love you guys… W&C


  2. Mike and I had the true pleasure of meeting this precious couple in Myrtle Beach SC at camping world. We were touched and will never forget this couple and the wonderful things that they are doing for our not so fortunate. Whomever gets to meet this great couple along thier travels will never be the same as Mike and I have found out first hand!


  3. You guys are a real inspiration! You guys could’ve stayed home and felt sorry for yourselves and you’d be well within your rights to do that! Instead, you decide to go on an adventure *AND* bless those in need!

    -James and Margot Bai (we met you at Jekyll Island Campground. As you know, we are on a full-time adventure ourselves, from Holland Landing, Ontario. http://www.margotbai.com/th and @wobblycat @margotbai on Instagram )


  4. So nice to have the opportunity to talk with you at Travelers campground. My prayers are with you as you travel and spread the wonderful news. It was amazing to see all those backpacks you packed in your vehicle instead of using that valuable space for yourselves.


  5. We enjoyed meeting ya’ll so much in San Antonio. Look forward to following ya’ll thru your adventures. Hope to see you in British Columbia. Hugs
    Brad n Kaylanette


  6. We were blessed to camp by Bridgette & Tat in Tombstone. What a way God works to bring His children together. God bless you on your trip and ministry as you travel. Glad God brought us together and look forward to the friendship that follows. We’ve almost to Amarillo and miss Arizona already.


  7. Hi, I don’t know if you remember me, but we met in line waiting for the restroom at Golfield Mine Ghost town. You gave me your card and just wanted to say I love what you and Tat are doing. What an awesome adventure! I can clearly see God’s love shining thru you! Thank you for all you do for those in need.


  8. Hi Bridge & Tat. Tonight when my wife came home from work. she told me about youse two. Tat gave her his card, it was a wonderful experience looking at all those photos. She works at the gift shop at the Sams town casino. We both wish you both the best in your travels. Lots of luck in your future travels
    Sincerely Yours,
    Roger & Ruth Coleman.


  9. is there a quick way to get to the first of your blog???? would like to read it from the beginning but I don’t see anywhere on site you can see the date of entries.


    1. Hi there, go on “about” click on the search icon and type in …welcome to the adventures of bridge and tat…it will take you to the beginning and arrows will direct you to other entries…thank you for your interest


  10. It is such a great pleasure meeting the two of you at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. You brightened up my day everytime I saw both of you. I hope the rest of your adventure is as great as the beginning


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