A Taste Of Moose Jaw


We spent a few days at the Prairie Oasis campground in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This campground provides privacy barriers between campsites…a nice addition.  It is clean and well maintained.  We recommend this place.


This town has alot of charm.  Between it’s old buildings and it’s many murals there is plenty to see.  The locals here are extremely friendly.  We took a tour of the underground tunnels where Chinese slaves worked.  These tunnels were also used by Al Capone for his bootlegging…no cameras were allowed.


The local library has a stunning lobby all done in marble with stained glass ceiling. Yes…the horse was in the building.

Check out this manual overhead crane we found in an old power building.


Found this hidden area full of beautiful grafiti.  It is a popular place for getting grad photos taken.


Meet Melissa, Rachel and Danny.  They all work at the Riverside Mission.   This place provides meals for those with low income who struggle to get through the month financially.  There is alot of love in this place for anyone who walks through their door.  We were able to bless them with 13 bags of items for their guests.


Today’s scripture was found on the wall of the Riverside Mission.



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