It’s Prairie Time


We left Okotoks, Alberta and headed East.  The landscape has changed drastically. While driving through the Alberta badlands we wrote a song titled…”There’s a whole lot of nothing going on!”



These roadside turnouts are all along the Transcanada Highway…just in case you have a garbage emergency.

The rest stops are pretty basic.


We are camping in Medicine Hat, Alberta.



Many solar panels surround the campground’s entrance.


Medicine Hat is home to the world’s tallest teepee.  It stands 65.5 metres high.


Cross this bridge and you are downtown.  This little town has alot of charm and some magnificent churches.




All the electrical boxes are wonderfully painted.


Found these birdhouses made out of recycled materials in a coffee shop.  You know how I love birdhouses!

Today Tat and I both received special reminders of someone very dear to our hearts who went to be with Jesus a few years ago.  Messengers come in all forms to remind us that our loved ones are not far away.  Do you believe in angels?


Meet Sean and Gerald.  When asked if he was homeless, Sean replied “no, I sleep in the bank with the atm”  These two men have been homeless for several years.  We were able to spend some time with them, pray with them and bless them with a few things.  Sean had many similar characteristics to our lost loved one.


After meeting Sean and Gerald, we came upon these two lovely girls.  They were dancing around this statue.  Excited to be in our blog…they let us take their picture. Then we asked them their names.  Meet Elizabeth and Cameron.


Today I leave you with a poem titled “My little angel”  written by Cameron McDermott at age 14.

White and black, red and blue;     Nothing is worth living for except for you.     I think of you, all the time;     Wherever you are, you’re on my mind.

The day we met, I fell in love;     But now I’m living up above.     Up in the sky, way far away;  But nothing I say, can change that day.

The day I held you in my arms, the day I heard you cry;     The days I sat by, wondering why.

Who am I?

Well, I’m the one you love and adore, the one that will always be there;     And the one, that will always care.     When life is odd, think of God…Because I’ll be by his side.

I lay asleep in my bed, even though I’m dead;     I’m still with you, because I am an angel.

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