In God We Trust


Yesterday as we were driving through town, we noticed tents at the bottom of a ravine.  Today we ventured down a steep hill towards the tents.



This area is home to this little guy.



Meet Jamie and Brandie.  This couple is full of life and love for their three babies…their dogs.  Unable to find housing that will accept their dogs, they have become homeless.  They have been living in this area since October and will need to evacuate in four more weeks.  Unfortunately, they have found themselves in the center of some negative media attention surrounding their living arrangements.  We were able to bless them with a few things.  They shared with us some stories of how they have been treated and I would like to remind everyone that we are all just a situation away from becoming homeless ourselves.  Being polite is the least we can all do when a homeless person reaches out in conversation.


Meet Gabriel.  Gabriel and his wife are homeless and have also found shelter in a tent in this area.  We were able to bless them with a few things.


Meet Sasha.  Sasha and her mom Gigi live with Brad and Kaylanette.  They have been getting excited every time they have seen us over the last few days.  Tomorrow we head out towards Banff, Alberta.  We will miss our new friends.

Hebrews 13:16   And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices  God is pleased.


4 thoughts on “In God We Trust

  1. We need to be so thankful for what we have and love those who,are less fortunate than us. I know we can’t go on the road like you but we can support those who do. God Bless you as you make them feel they belong in this world too. Love yas.


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