The Streets Of Bakersfield



Meet Dave and Jeanne.  This awesome couple took us out for a night at a roller derby.  In my younger days, roller skating was one of my favorite activities.  I thought this sport had died out but it is alive and well in the USA.  What a great time we had.


It always amazes us how much the landscape changes.  Hart Memorial Park is home to many peacocks.  We stopped counting at 20.  We were fascinated by them just hanging out in the trees.  Apparently quite a few people have them as pets here.




Fire hydrants in California are silver with green accents.



Crystal Palace is a combination of live stage, restaurant and museum honoring Buck Owens.    Buck Owens and Merle Hagart were mostly responsible for “the Bakersfield Sound”  Their music has influenced a whole generation of musicians and has helped shape and gave foundation to the Country music we hear today.  Tat was in his glory hanging out with some of the “Greats”.







We spent a week at Bakersfield RV Resort in Bakersfield, California.  This is by far the nicest place we have stayed in to date.  Very clean and well maintained and the staff are extremely friendly and accomodating.  We highly recommend this place.

Job 21:1-2  Listen carefully to my words; let this be the consolation you give me,



2 thoughts on “The Streets Of Bakersfield

  1. I thought Tat was going to jump in that saddle in the back of the car!! Have you guys been ticketed or arrested for doing all these wonderful crazy things??LOL


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