Oh What A Day


We spent a week at Tombstone RV Park in Tombstone, Arizona.  This park has all the amenities plus a free shuttle into town.  It is very clean and well maintained and the staff are excellent.  We highly recommend this campground.


We hit the road this morning and headed West.  There were always mountains in the background but the landscape changed.







Meet Tennessee.  Tennessee lives in his van.  He welcomed a couple of homeless people into his van one night to watch a movie and they stole his wallet.  Now he is stranded.  We were able to give him some gas money and food.  When Tat asked if he could pray with him…Tennessee replied “didn’t you read my sign man”




Driving along the highway we noticed that the barriers were all nicely patterned, some of them ceramic tiled and neatly landscaped.

We like checking out thrift stores and second hand stores…you never know what treasures you will find.  We were in one today and a woman started convulsing right in front of me and fell forward into a clothes rack.  Turns out she has dementia.  She was unable to tell us her name or where she lived.  She was by herself.  We waited with her until the paramedics came.  We all are given glimpses into how precious life is.  The big question is…are we paying attention?


Meet Phyllis.  She is homeless.  We met Phyllis in another thrift store.  We were able to bless her with a few things.  People always ask us how we find the homeless.  God is constantly presenting them to us.  It is just up to us to have our eyes and ears open.

Today has been an emotionally draining day.  We made it to our destination.  We are in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Galatians 3:22  But scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.


4 thoughts on “Oh What A Day

  1. I used to live in East Mesa, just a couple miles west of Apache Junction about 20 years ago. Visited Tombstone for the first time just last year (did not camp there and was passing through AZ, not staying). I miss the place. Lotsa rich memories there.

    Thanx for taking care of my people out there! Warms my heart. I am blessed that I found you too.

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)


  2. Bless you two as you do this work for God and those in need. This “project” will change your life and possibly the lives of many others. GW


  3. You are such an inspiration to the world. Makes me a bit guilty. It seems you do so much and I do so little. Love you both. Stay safe and take care.


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