Catch Of The Day


Last night Tat and I had opportunity to play music after a potluck supper at the campground.  We were well received by a very appreciative audience…they loved the gospel music.

Meet Ray.  Tat and Ray hooked up for a little jam session today.

And then there were three…


We went to the weigh in of a bass fishing tournament in Box Canyon.


Meet Lewis.  He won first place…on the left at 10.35lbs.


Meet very proud Nisha.  She won second place…7.48 lbs.

We are meeting the most incredible people here.  We are going to church with some fellow campers in the morning.

Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


6 thoughts on “Catch Of The Day

  1. You both are having an incredible adventure….Love Tat’s hat…he’s the boss.. Praying for your safety and success in the Lord….Enjoy reading about your travels…God’s best to you both.
    Gerry & Dihann


  2. Glad you’re having a great. Adventure and that so many are being blessed by you and vice versa.Thats quite the hat Tat Give hugs to Bridgetxo


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