Give Them Strength…


Meet Rich and Becky.  Rich is a retired pastor.  This wonderful couple have been our neighbors here.  It has been an honor getting to know them.


Today we took a trip to Hattiesburg.  Meet  Candace.  This incredible young lady  works 4 days a week, goes to school 2 days and on top of that she is raising her 7 month old son.  Her momma is helping her and she is very appreciative of that.  What an inspiration Candace is.



Meet Andrew…


…and Thomas.  These two fine men are carnival workers looking for employment.  We were able to bless them with a few things and pray with them.


Meet Keith.  Following the death of his wife and some other misfortunes, he has been homeless for 6 years.  We met him along with his neighbor Ernie.  They both lived in a tent city in the woods until it was taken from them.  They have found a new wooded area to call home.  We were able to bless them with a few things and pray with Keith. Please keep all these people in your prayers.

Job 6:8  “Oh that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for,


One thought on “Give Them Strength…

  1. I look forward to looking at your pictures and your ministry as it grows. God bless you both and I will pray for these homeless people. You both are such disciples of Christ. You are living a dream!


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