Bring It On

Well, we can definitely say that our life is not boring.


The first few days here were all about staying warm and dry.  Meet SanDee and Ted. This wonderful couple rescued us one night from the wet and cold and invited us for a nice bowl of warm chilli. They have made us feel very welcome here.


The campground where we have been staying is very charming.  There is a railway that runs through the campground.  It gets decorated for the seasons.  It is a big tourist attraction here.  In the winter the train takes you to meet Santa.  The staff are getting ready to decorate for Easter where the train will take it’s passengers to meet the Easter bunny.







There is an outdoor miniature trainset outside the office.



Wales West Campground and Light Railway is very clean and well maintained…the indoor heated pool and hot tub are fabulous.  The staff are very friendly and accomodating.  We recommend this place if you are ever in Alabama.


Last night we played music at the campground following a potluck supper. Unfortunately, the majority of the crowd did not care for our style of music and quickly dwindled down to about a dozen people.  They were a great audience and loved the gospel music.


Meet Wanda and Mater.  They were our neighbours at the campground.  Wanda is a very courageous woman travelling around in her trailer.  She has also committed to helping the homeless.  She is working on putting together a backpack.  We wish her all the best.

When we left home in November we were under the impression that we had travel medical coverage through Tat’s Union for the 180 days that we would be in the USA. We recently received a letter stating an error was made and we actually only had 60 days coverage.  This happens to time out on January 15th.  We spent the good part of a day Tuesday scrambling to find anyone who could help us.  The biggest issue was that we  were already out of the country so no one would touch us.  After several hours of phone calls on a pay-as-you-go phone and alot of money later…we now have medical coverage to take us through the US.  Buyer beware as this could happen to you.

Yesterday morning we awoke to our non-functioning 12volt cooler.  Luckily we were able to purchase one near by.  The great news is that we finally have some decent weather.

Today, we are heading to Mississippi.

Phillipians 4:13  For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

One thought on “Bring It On

  1. Love the trains. I know a certain 6 year old who would absolutely love those trains. Keep trucking and thank you for sharing your journey.


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