Hello 2017


We spent our New Year’s day downtown Sarasota.



Amongst all the beauty were some people in need.


Meet Katie.  This lovely young lady has been homeless for 6 years.  We had the pleasure of blessing her and praying with her.  We also met another homeless lady named Bobby Jean.  We were able to bless her with a backpack as well.  Please include our new friends in your prayers.


Meet Dean.  Dean calls Alabama home but was stranded in Sarasota and is now homeless.  We had the priviledge of spending time with Dean, blessing him with a backpack and praying with him.  Please keep him in prayer.


Meet Aaron.  What an honor to meet this young man.  The death of a child and other unfortunate circumstances have led him to be homeless.  We spent some time with Aaron, blessed him with a backpack and some art supplies and prayed with him.  He spends his days making uplifting signs.  He has a desire to make people smile.  Please keep our friend Aaron in your prayers.


Today’s scrpture comes from one of Aarons signs.


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