Please…Roll Down The Window


Yesterday we left Jacksonville and headed to Zephyrhills, Florida.  We were on the I4 which is a major highway when something hit the driver’s window and completely shattered it.  It was a little scary because it sounded like a gun shot.  No one was injured.  We pulled into the next rest area to clean up the glass as Tat was covered.  We met two amazing people who work at the rest area.  They helped us clean up some of the glass.  We are having the glass replaced today.


We arrived at our destination.  We are at the Hillcrest RV Resort.  Finally, a little luxury…complete with heated pool and hot tub.



We are not allowed to set up our tent here and we are not surrounded by trees.


But…we have free sewer hook-up!



We went to Wiregrass…otherwise known as little Tampa.  We watched  a beautiful display of Christmas lights moving to music.


We couldn’t believe it when we saw people ice skating in the middle of this big open mall…in Florida.  The ice is made of plastic…and for $13 an hour you can rent skates and have a  go.  This may be as close as most of them will get to real skating.


We are amongst friends here.  Meet friends from back home Nancy and Garnet.



Many of the campers go all out decorating their trailers for Christmas.

John 11:40  Then Jesus said “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

4 thoughts on “Please…Roll Down The Window

  1. It all looks good–you, the RV, the hot tub, and the Christmas lights- all except the smashed window. Also we are glad to see Garnet and Nancy. Merry Christmas, folks!!


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