Florida…Here We Come!




Meet James and Margot  from Ontario.  They are among many people we are meeting who have chosen to live in their RV full time.  Enjoy the ride!

We spent one week at the Jeckyl Island Campground.  This campground is very clean and very well maintained.  It has the best laundry facilities and rec hall we have seen to date.  Combined with it’s fantastic location, this makes it one of our favorite campgrounds to date.  We highly recommend it.


We left Georgia and headed to Florida.



This is our new camp site.  We are in Jacksonville, Florida.


We took a day trip to St Augustine today.  There is so much history here.



This is Castillo de San Marcos.



The walls surrounding the fort were made of the stones made from mud and oyster shells.


We saw many enchanting shops and beautiful restaurant gardens.




In case anyone didn’t know, Tat is a huge hearse fan.


Meet Sheila and Pat.  These two angels work at Mission Nombre de Dios Museum. While talking with them, they informed us that they knew of a homeless women living out of her car.  She just happened to be attending mass next door.


Meet Visitacion.  She has been married to the love of her life Jerry for 47 years.  Five years ago,  Jerry was sentenced to life in prison.  Unable to keep up payments, she lost her house and now lives in her van.  Visitacion goes to the church we met her at every day and spends 4-5 hours a day there in prayer.  We were able to bless her with a few things and spend some time in prayer with her.  She has asked for prayer for  herself for strength and for her children Jerry, Visitacion and Jenny.  She also asked for prayer for her husband and has given us his address if anyone would like to send him a letter of encouragement.  Jerry Palmer, DC#135005, Century Correctional Institution, 400 Tedder Rd, F2111L, Century, FL 32535  We ask that you pray about this.  Encouraging Jerry and others like him…believers who find themselves in prison…this could be a whole new ministry for someone reading this.  God does the impossible…but we are expected to do the possible.  This is one of those things we can do.  We are asking for a miracle in this family’s life.


We don’t know who this guy is…but we want to vote for him!

John 6:35  Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”

2 thoughts on “Florida…Here We Come!

  1. So look forward to your posts. Nice to see you enjoying the American countryside in capris& shorts and sleeveless while we wear a scarf over our faces so the cold won’t burn our noses off. So nice to see the people you meet and the work God has appoi9nted you to do. Take care and have a wonderful trip. Pray you stay well and in God’s care always.


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