Rainy Night In Georgia


Today it rained all day.  A perfect day for a free concert.  Tat and I had our first opportunity to play music this evening.  We played at the community hall in our campground.  We had an awesome audience.






I think this is where squirrels come to spend the winter.  I have never seen so many in one spot before.  The campground inhabits hundreds of them.




Hebrews 2:12  He says “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters, in the assembly I will sing your praises”

2 thoughts on “Rainy Night In Georgia

  1. I wondered if you were doing any performing, and now I know. keep it up, I’m sure everyone down there enjoys it as much as we do. Love you. Stay safe.


  2. I have enjoyed your log, please continue ,it has been a pleasure to read and see your shiny hearts out where the wind blows and you can hear the sound thereof but know not from whence it cometh or wither it goeth so is everyone who is born of the spirit.I love you both dearly and will make an effort to comfort the man in prision and keep you both in prayer. Love Gloria Bruni from Chipman Happy New Year folks


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