To all my fellow tea drinkers…looking for a good cup of tea in the South…you will be disappointed.  First of all if you want a cup of tea, you have to ask for hot tea otherwise you will automatically receive a glass of cold tea, add lots of sugar and that’s called sweet tea.  The last place we stopped for tea, it tasted like they poured hot water over the receipt.  My suggestion…”bring your own tea bag”

Toe update:  although a very slow process, my toe is on the mend and free from infection.

Flu update:  my stomach is still a little uneasy but I am feeling much better.

Tat burnt his stomach yesterday with hot water.  He says, he will suffer in silence…”cause that’s just what men do” according to Tat.  I know the ladies will enjoy that one.

We had the opportunity to have one more visit with Diahann over breakfast before we hit the road yesterday.


Except for a 3 hour window Monday afternoon it down poured rain non-stop since Sunday afternoon.  We landed in Charleston, SC Monday, early afternoon.  We were disappointed in our campsite because it is on a slant and made it a little difficult for us to put our tent up.  The rain continued until 1:00pm Tuesday.  Many sites on the campground were flooded.  Our annoying slant saved our campsite from becoming flooded.  God is so good to us.






We are enjoying giving out our Christmas gifts to random strangers…what fun!

Please be patient with us.  We try to post often but we rely on free wifi…which isn’t always the best.

Psalm 9:10  Those who know your name trust in you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

2 thoughts on “B.Y.O.T.B

  1. You got rain. We got snow and more is on the way for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am glad your ailments are improving. Soon you will both be “right as rain”!! (whatever that means). Re the tea, we discovered the same thing many years ago. After that I travelled with some King Cole teabags and just asked for hot water. You have Christmas lights up I see. I hope to get ours lit by the weekend. Fred is putting a few outside today because we have two mild weather days before the next big storm will set in, or so Cindy Day says. Merry Christmas


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