Today we headed to Merrills Inlet.  This is a dining district with the backdrop of a marsh and a walkway surrounding the marsh.  Unfortunately I failed to charge my tablet so there aren’t any photos.  We stopped at the above ice cream shop and decided to treat ourselves to 2 large sundaes.  We sparked up a conversation with a wonderful lady and she treated us to our sundaes.  We are so blessed.

Earlier today we met Jimmy.  He is three years old.  His father is serving a lengthy prison sentence and his mother is a drug addict and unable to care for him.  Jimmy’s grandma and her boyfriend have stepped in to care for him.  We spoke to grandma this morning and had a very nice conversation.  Jimmy wanted us to play with him. Later this afternoon we returned to visit Jimmy with a “bag of fun”.  This time the boyfriend was present and we were not welcomed.  In fact we were not treated very nicely at all.  Please pray for this family.

John 15:12  My command is this; Love each other as I have loved you.

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