On Our Way


After a year of preparation, we packed our van and trailer yesterday for the long journey.  Loaded with camping equipment and 58 backpacks and bags for the homeless we were unable to bring our bikes.  Small sacrifice  for a good cause.

This morning we left at 7:20am.  Today was all about the boarder.  A few months ago we contacted the boarder to find out what they required from us.  They were very specific:  every bag for the homeless required a packing list and we needed letters from Tat’s employer and character references to support what we were doing. We had it all.

We reached the Bridgewater, Maine boarder at 10:30am and left there at 11:05am.  Within a minute of reaching the booth, the guard said “you must be the backpack people”.  We were ready for them and they were ready for us.  The guard asked to see the backpacks.  Tat opened the door to the jam packed van and immediately the guard told us to go inside and answer more questions and sign some papers.  God went ahead of us and prepared the boarder.  They checked all of our paper work and made sure our story checked out.  They never opened one backpack or looked inside the trailer.  PRAISE GOD



We have travellled 536kms today, bought a phone and groceries.  We have stopped for the night as it is already dark and neither of us can drive in the dark.


If you are wondering about the chedACorn…we stopped for gas in the morning and I saw it.  I haven’t seen chedACorn for at least 20 years.  I knew it was going to be a good day.

Today’s scripture comes from a coin I found yesterday when we were packing.


10 thoughts on “On Our Way

  1. I’m so very pleased to hear the news about the border….I had a peace about it ..I knew it would go smooth God is so Good….love u both so much xo


  2. I think it is wonderful that you will do your traveling in the light!! Walk in the Light all of the way, and have an awesome time. These blogs will remind us to pray for you as you journey, and we may also say a prayer at other times when you come to mind. GW


  3. How fantastic they trusted in you and didn’t ransack the van as they would have found only what you listed ♡ We are over the moon to hear about your positive first day xox


  4. So happy for you that all is going as planned. I guess that’s what happens when you follow God’s plan. God Bless and keep us posted. Look forward to the posts.


  5. This wonderful news. Enjoy, embrace the journey you two. Look forward to continued updates.
    “Father, thank You, thank You for being a shield of protection around Tat and Bridge – for going before them and preparing the way. Keep them close to You and give them strength as they move forward into the victory. In your most blessed name. Amen.”


  6. I knew everything would be fine at the border as itwas going as it went out for you .I wish you all the best – many many blessings – God is with you both – everything is going to be as it is meant to be.


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