Packing Up


Well, the countdown is on.  Only a few weeks to go and still lots to do before we head out.  Today we packed up the backpacks and bags.


Thank you to everyone who contributed items towards this project.  Special big thank you to Shanelle, Twila and Janet who helped pack the bags and backpacks.

We started out with a room full of boxes of items ready for packing.


Each bag and backpack requires an individual packing list for the boarder.


Bags and backpacks were put together as survival kits for the homeless.



Alot of love has gone into this project right down to the handmade card made by the youth in our church.


These mugs will go with each backpack as we hand them out.  When in the USA we will also be purchasing food to go in each bag and backpack.  We also have pairs of eyeglasses to hand out for anyone in need.


31 backpacks and 18 bags are ready to go.  On our journey we will be blessing 49 homeless adults.  Now to fit everything in the van!

Deuteronomy 16:17  “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you”

One thought on “Packing Up

  1. So proud of you two for following your hearts and going on such an amazing trip! Living the ‘practical’ is going to hopefully bring you both heartfelt joy you’ve never known before. Please be safe on your trip, blog often so we all know you are OK, and never forget those back home anxious to see you again xoxoxox


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