Embracing The Fall


Our next adventure takes place in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.  We stayed at Rayport Campground.  This campground is located right on the water’s edge.  Beautiful scenery, very clean and well maintained.  We recommend this campground.



Someone local must be making these because they were all over the campground.


We took a 50 minute ferry ride from Chester to Big Tancook Island.  This is a very small island measuring approximately 4 kms long and 1.6 kms wide.  Population of 125 people. There is a recreation centre which doubles as the fire department, a museum, a church, one restaurant and a school with 5 students.  We cycled throughout the island.  The scenery was beautiful.





There also is a Small Tancook Island.  Sorry…too small for details.


Downtown Mahone Bay is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


There was a scarecrow festival going on while we were in Mahone Bay.  Alot of effort went into making these scarecrows.






















20160924_171854Our friend Rose hung out with us for the day.









Tat was in his glory when he saw this hearse called “Final Destiny”


This is Barb and John.  Barb  shared a dream with two of her girlfriends.  While waiting for the perfect time, one of her girlfriends passed away.  After this, Barb and her girlfriend decided to put the dream into action.  John joined them.  Barb was 68 years old and John was 62 when the three of them walked 800kms from St Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago, Spain.  For Barb who resides in Thunderbay, Ontario it was a spiritual pilgrimage.  What a priviledge to meet them both.


This is Karen and John.  They made a bucket list of everywhere they wanted to go in the world and all the sights they wanted to experience…and they are doing it.  When we met them they were living out of a tiny tent  with only the bare necessities.  They fly, go on cruise ships, rent cars, tent and sometimes stay in motels…but mostly just enjoying life.  They left their hometown of Perth, Australia 14 months ago and are nearing the end of their journey.  What an inspiration these two were to us.

20160924_141541Food for thought:  As my disease progresses, my perspective on life changes.  The next time you are getting dressed…appreciate what a blessing it is to do so with ease.

Psalm 118:24  This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad a rejoice in it.

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