In The Woods


Our next adventure takes place in St Louis De Kent, New Brunswick.  We stayed at Daigle’s Family Campground.  Although this campground is aged, it is very clean and well maintained.  They have thought of everything.  There even is a handicapped shower.   We thoroughly enjoyed the heated pool.


Choose from an open area where you can overlook your children playing in the playground….or choose to be nestled within the trees.  We chose to be nestled.  Cabins are also available.  We highly recommend Daigle’s Campground.


Unfortunately, it rained all but 2 days out of our 8 day visit.  On our second day we were hit with a huge storm.  The corner of the campground’s office was struck by lightening knocking out wifi and water for most of the campground.


On  Sunday afternoon, we played music at the campground.  Our audience was very small but people were enjoying it from their camp sites.  We could see people dancing by their trailers.

We made a day trip tp Kouchibouguac National Park.  This is a beautiful park with wonderful cycling paths running right along the water.   The view was stunning.


I made a huge accomplishment by cycling 12 kms along with Tat.

We watched the fisherman bringing their catch in.  Those crates are full of lobster.


This is our dishwashing station.  We purchased the dishrack from Walmart, it is the most compact one we could find.  From dollarama we purchased the micro fibre dish mat.  These mats are great, we also use them on our galley counter.

We have 3 sources for cooking.  The first one can be used as a burner, wok, grill or flat top.  The second one is just a basic 2 burner stove.  Both run off propane.


Whenever we are at a site that has electrical hook up we always take that option.  In this case we have a 2 burner electric stove.  This saves on the propane.

Besides our fireplace, we have 2 sources of heat.  The first is a 9000 btu buddy heater which we use in our tent.  The second is a ceramic heater with thermostat.  This is perfect for heating our trailer.


This is a bully hitch.  It works as a bumper for the trailer and brake lights as well.


This anti theft chock lock is made by Trimax.


I love my shower bag made by Thirty One.  With room inside for my clothes and towel and seven pockets on the outside it is perfect.  Because our trip is long term I require full size toiletries not travel size like most people would use.

We really enjoyed our time in St Louis De Kent…it was a time of rest.  I am also becoming a pretty good card player.

Matthew 11:28  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”

One thought on “In The Woods

  1. Your pictures are excellent, and the comments are clear. Since I will never be a camper, I enjoy reading about your travels and your equipment. Go with God. GW


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