By The Beach


Our next adventure takes place in Cap Pale, New Brunswick.  We stayed at the Gagnon Beach campground.  This is a large camground right on the beach with many seasonal sites.  There is an overflow area for occasional campers…this is where we stayed.  For a few days we were the only ones camping in the overflow.

This campground has alot to offer and it appears to be making upgrades. Bathroom/shower cleanliness, maintenance and safety are important to us.  In this area we were very disappointed.  Over our 6 day stay our washroom was never cleaned and most of our time in the washroom was spent standing  in water.  This was our most expensive campground to date…$41/day cash.  It is unlikely that we  will return to this campground.


These are our Canadian flag solar lights…they hang over our tent.


Wondering what there is to do in Cap Pale…not much.  We found this house to be quite interesting.

On this trip we discovered the need for a 30 amp/110 volt adapter.


We are also using a rv water filter that gets attached to the campground’s water supply.


This is a solar shower bag.  We are currently using it to heat up our dish water.


This is our fireplace…heat source and mood maker….according to Tat.


If you ever wanted to be executioner in the bug world…this is for you.  Not your average bug zapper.  Purchased at Walmart fot $10 and well worth the money.


This bluetooth wireless speaker is amazing.  Fantastic sound quality, durable and very portable.  Can be placed many feet distance from the sound source.


This amazing couple is Kevin and Agatha.  We met them at Tim Hortons.  They are biking from Vancouver to St Johns, Newfoundland.  They have been on the road for several months and average 100 kms a day.  We wish them all the best on their journey.

Exodus 33:14  “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest”

3 thoughts on “By The Beach

  1. Gagnon Beach used to be a nice campground. No longer for reasons you pointed out. Sandy Beach much better choice now. Fellow teardrop camper. choice now.


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