Almost Gone With The Wind

20160629_153721Before we head out on our big adventure, we have planned a few smaller trips to iron out the details.  This trip out we went to PEI.  The element we had to deal with this time was wind.  Our friends rented a beautiful house right on the water.  This house and two trees were situated at the end of an extremely long driveway.  We were camping in a very unsheltered  area.    20160703_084025Although the view was stunning, the wind proved to be a challenge.20160703_075649Our screen tent is our living area.  We eat and get dressed in it.  The one we had was all screen with solid wall options.  This is a great product but did not do well in severe winds.  We decided to get an 8 person insta tent.  It is a solid walled tent with zipper screened windows.  It held up extremely well in severe winds.  It also contained the heat in the evenings quite well.20160630_195936This time out we also got a good rythm for setting up.  The kitchen is functioning well.  We also bring all of our things in categorised tubs and that proved to work well for us as well.IMG_20160701_06540120160701_170843For those of you not residing in the East coast, you may not know that lupins grow wild everywhere.  The fields and ditches are stunning.20160630_170647We really enjoyed our visit to PEI and of course the company of some great people.  We both love great architecture and found the churches to be so detailed.20160630_165647There was a Canada Day celebration going on during our visit.  We met alot of people in line ups and even had opportunity to share the gospel.  We had the priviledge to serenade our friends in the evening prior to fireworks.20160701_201911We learned a few things on this trip and look forward to our next adventure.

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Psalm 16:11  You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

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