Reaching Out

We are all just a situation away from becoming homeless.

We do not see a lot of homeless people where we live but we know that there are many people living on the streets.  We will see these people on our journey.  We want to reach out to them.  We want them to feel God’s love.

Although it is just a drop in the bucket…we are going to bless 30 people.  We are putting together backpacks filled with survival items.  If this project touches your heart we invite you to participate.  We are including a detailed list of items that we require.  We will need these items in our possession by October 1st, 2016.  If you see something on our list that you would like to commit to providing, please contact us with the item and how many you would like to provide.  Once we have a commitment on an item we will write the word “done” beside it so that people reading this will know what is still needed.  We also don’t want to end up with too many of any one item.  Obviously this will be more possible for people who live near us.

Please note:  Clothing items should be size medium-large and all toiletries should be small or travel size and in plastic containers.  Some clothing items can be second hand but must be clean and in excellent condition.  Nothing fancy or designer as this will put the recipient in danger of theft or assault. 


30 backpacks…done

30 hooded sweatshirts…done

30 t-shirts…30 done

30 pairs socks…done

30 pairs gloves…done

30 knit/wool hats…done

30 scarves…done

30 rain ponchos…done

30 waterproof tarps…done

30 waterproof heavy duty garbage bags…done

20 pairs men’s underwear…done

10 pairs women’s underwear…done

30 pocket sized bible…done

150 regular band-aids…done

60 2×2 gauze bandages…done

150 antibacterial wipes…done

30 lip balms…done

30 packs q-tips…done

60 safety pins…done

90 hotel sized soaps…done

30 shampoo…done

30 sunscreen…done

30 toothbrush…done

30 toothbrush caps or holders…done

30 toothpaste…done

30 dental floss…done

30 rolls toilet paper…done

30 sticks deodorant (20 men, 10 women)…done

30 wash cloth…done

50 disposable razor…done

30 small mirrors…done

30 combs…done

30 nail clippers…done

30 grooming/small scissors…done

30 packs wet wipes…done

30 packs Kleenex…done

30 hand sanitizer…done

30 hand/body lotion…done

40 individually wrapped feminine hygiene products…done

30 10 feet paracord rope…done

30 small flashlight with batteries…done

30 lighters…done

15 pairs $-store reading glasses…done

30 pens…done

30 notebook/journal…done

30 packs chewing gum…done

30 packs cough drops…done

We will also be purchasing food and beverage items to go into the backpacks once we are in the USA

We thank you for your interest in this project.

Hebrews 13:16 “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”













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