The Diamond In The Rough

Well, the time arrived that the trailer was ready for pick up.  We took a week and travelled to Ontario.  We were able to spend time visiting with family and picked the trailer up on the way home.  Our trailer was made by a husband and wife team…Steve and Mandy from New Market.  Check out their website at  After doing a lot of research, it was their attention to detail that led us to choose them as our builders.  Steve was extremely proud of this trailer.  He named it “the diamond in the rough”.

Our trailer measures 5′ X 8′ and weighs less than 900 pounds.  There are 3 18 watt solar panels on the roof that charge 2 deep cycle marine batteries along with a 3000 watt inverter that converts the 12 volt into 110.  We have enough power to run any household appliance.  We are equipped with a 12 volt cooler which eliminates the need for ice.  Our cooking source will be a propane stove.  We also have a 12 volt fan and heater available if needed.  There is a 12 volt plug in the galley and another one in the sleeping area.  The sleeping area consists of 4 1/2 inch memory foam.  There is a drawer and shelf for our personal belongings.  Each side of the trailer has a door with tinted windows and screens.

On our way home to New Brunswick, we had two opportunities to sleep in the trailer.  Our first night was spent in front of Wendys at a rest centre.  We found it extremely comfortable and we were both very warm even though the outside temperature was below freezing.

diamond in the roughsolar panelsgalley2bedroom 2bedroom1wendys night

Twice, people stood outside the trailer talking about whether they thought someone was sleeping in there or not.

Everywhere we went several people were interested in the trailer.  It gave us many opportunities to start up conversations.  For now, the trailer will go into storage for the winter.  We look forward to our continued adventure in the spring.

James 4:14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

5 thoughts on “The Diamond In The Rough

  1. Saw you at the Erving gas station and was very impress with your trailer.thank you for their site.enjoy you journey.i live in mill cove .would like to talk to you again. I travel to fl. For the winter.i also love camping . Thanks again Lil.l


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