Robinson and Robinson

We have turned our front porch into a 10 seat café.  It is very sweet and comfortable.  When we opened we had a 23 piece teapot collection.  We are always receiving new teapots and now have a collection of over 200.  We stopped counting!  We display them according to the season because we don’t have room for them all.  On Friday evenings we have live music from 7:00 to 9:00.

Early July this year, we had the privilege of having Robinson and Robinson perform in our café.  They are a young Christian couple from Saskatchewan.  They were travelling through on a musical tour and through a mutual friend we were able to arrange to have them play in our café.   They write all of their own folk music.  Every song  has a story just as entertaining as the song itself.  What a blessing!

They camped on their tour and traveled in a very small car.  That car was so packed with camping and musical equipment that I don’t think you could have squeezed a toothpick in there.  It really was something to watch them pack up.

They have inspired us to make music a part of our coast to coast journey.  We’re not exactly sure how we will apply it but we know that it is definitely part of the plan.

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

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