Welcome to the adventures of Bridge and Tat!

For those of you who don’t know us, let me introduce ourselves.  I’m Brigitte and my husband goes by Tat.  We live in New Brunswick, Canada.  This year in May I turned 50.  Shortly after my birthday I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Tat is 59 and has progressive glaucoma.

Mid June of this year Tat was set on fire with an idea…buy a teardrop trailer (basically a bed on wheels with a rear galley kitchen) and go on an adventure through the coast of the USA and back through Canada.  Approximately a 9 month trip.  He was like a small child at Christmas…so excited that he couldn’t sleep.

My reaction was a little different.  Neither of us has ever camped and we don’t have any money now and we wouldn’t have an income while we were away.  We are also not in our twenties!  His plan didn’t make any logical sense.  I thought he was losing his mind!

We are both Christians and want to live according to God’s plans for our lives not our own.  Tat started praying about this asking God if this was his own idea or if it was a plan God had for us.  If it wasn’t His plan than we wanted no part of it.  Want to know the difference…just ask!

The very next day Tat went to work and one of his co-workers approached him with an envelope of money.  Tat had told them about his idea and they wanted to be part of it…they took up a collection.  Tat came home and told me about it.  There was $600 in the envelope.  He said that we were on our way to the first $1000.  I was saving money in a jar and there was $410 in the jar…BAM…first $1000.  God’s in!

My first concern about the plan was no bathroom!  I needed one for night time.  The day after I told Tat about my concern, we bought a privacy tent and a “leu to go”   I’m in!

Well, it took off from there and in just a few months we’ve managed to save enough to buy the trailer.  I’m now just as excited as Tat.  We found a guy in Ontario to custom make it the way we want.  Our trailer is going to be built in October.

Up till now, we weren’t on facebook and not technologically inclined…we don’t watch regular TV and we don’t own cell phones.  There is a learning curve with our plans.  If we are able to save enough money for the trip and to cover our home expenses while we are gone…the plan is to head out in December 2016.  God willing!

We are both musically inclined and plan to make music part of our journey as well.  We also bought a couple mountain bikes so that we can travel around on them from our camp sites during our journey.  We need a while to condition ourselves as we are both overweight and neither of us has been on a bike for about 30 years.

We plan to blog our journey, complete with lots of photos…and take you with us.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13


18 thoughts on “Welcome to the adventures of Bridge and Tat!

  1. We are so excited for you both and will pray more ‘envelopes’ come your way ♡ Can’t wait to follow you on your amazing adventure xoxox


  2. Amazing! We will all be rooting for you! You will have a blast. I have seen God do mighty works with you two. Your witness is so heart felt and many will see the work of God through all you. I love you two. Paul and Linda


  3. I am sure that God said…..’It’s a go” too. Good luck and much happiness. You both have such a good attitude about life, I’m sure it will be a wonderful inspiring experience.


  4. my response is why not – you are both able planners and survivors…go for it!
    I will give you Dad’s response after I read it to him… Patoo


  5. You guys are not afraid of anything. The way you handle life has proven that.
    Always adventure ahead with you two. We are just glad we came to visit when we did because now we can rest assure that you both have been given some love and style from us to carry you on your journey. The love is from both of us and the style is alllllll Kevin!!! Lol! December 2016 will be here before you know it.


  6. We can’t be happier for you both! Trip of a lifetime and there’s no doubt you’re a couple who can survive the close quarters!!! LOL Love you guys and wish you every happiness and a wonderful trip full of joy xoxox


  7. This verse came to my mind.
    Proverbs 16-9
    ‘The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps’.
    I will be praying for a great adventure!


  8. When God is for you, who could be against you. This sounds wonderful. GO forth and let your light shine. Many blessing upon you as you journey along.


  9. Tat and brigette, I love this…..how god works in many ways. You both are a blessing to ppl. And will be. God will provide your needs, every step of the way. You both have wonderful personalities,talents and love for God. Ppl on your journey, that u will meet, will hear the word of God and fellowship with u. Your finances, for your journey, God will provide. He will protect you, see your safe, and bring u back safe to your home. Ppl. Will see and hear, what a blessing u have done. Look forward to updates. God bless u both. Love u both AFA


  10. I work with “Tat”, who Up till now I knew as George lol. (until I see him at work tomorrow and say “Hey Tat!!” Lol). Anyways he passed me a card while we were waiting for the bus home from work today and wouldn’t tell me what it was…. But I looked it up and had a read and was quite impressed, quite the adventure!! George is a Very nice man and I’m sure you are just as nice a woman 🙂 all the best on your trip and will be watching for updates! Cheers from NL! 🙂


  11. Hello Tat and Brigitte ! We meet today at Camping DAigle. Have a great succes with you great project you are amazing to follow your dream. God have great plans for you and Im very happy that he made us meet. See you soon! Big hug! Stéphane and Annie


  12. Clyde here, I met you at Arbor terrace in Bradenton, Florida Great talking to you and may take up your invitation to visit in NB the summer of 2018


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